Erik Ose

Technical Director/Graphic Designer

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A dreamer, creative mind, and master to the virtual universe, Erik began in local performing arts with Terry Rucker’s youth productions. Transitioning from stage performances to involvement technically behind the scenes, much of Erik’s involvement was with youth productions. For over 11 years Erik has worked with MST in some form or another with performing arts, lighting, sound, videography, and the past 4 years with the Missouri Street Theatre summer camps as a camp staff member. After graduating valedictorian in the world ranked Ex’pression college for digital arts, Erik received a offer to work with the award winning company Telltale Games. If Erik is not spending timeless days going back in time to 1985, or to a secret Jurassic island, as he has worked on the Back to the Future  and Jurassic Park video game series, he is taking time helping MST with a little digital magic. Erik currently is fighting zombies in the world wide award winning Walking Dead video game series as well the amazing lineup of shows MST has lined up far into the horizon of what is breakthrough live entertainment.